Cultivate a creative problem solving mindset that goes beyond winning or losing.

Your team gains the expertise they need to have difficult workplace conversations with skill and respect.


respectful conflict management

Learn actionable strategies for turning conflict into opportunity and growth.

Participants develop the skills to create positive outcomes from routine conflicts.

I imagine working with a maestro would leave you with the same feeling as working with Alex.

She elegantly orchestrated a four-hour presentation that broke down the emotional barriers surrounding negotiation and unleashed our team’s confidence to lead with empathy without sacrificing our needs.

It’s amazing to see how quickly we incorporated our learnings into our everyday speech and practice. I highly recommend bringing Alex’s jovial spirit and unwavering professionalism onto your team for the day!
— Bryan Miller, Finance Director, BBMG

Client Testimonials From Our Feedback Surveys

The workshop was really informative and packed with so much good info. It was delivered concisely and clearly.
You brought care, empathy and humanity to our conversation.
More helpful than any other speaker I’ve heard.
I really appreciated how customized this was. Relevant examples made it VERY practical and actionable.
The exercise was well thought out. In a short time I learned enough key points to put my new skills into practice.

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