An investment in negotiation training is an investment in yourself. See what our clients have to say about the benefits of our one-on-one coaching and workshops. Then say yes to more skills and confidence.


"From Fear To Focus"

"When I was invited to a meeting with organizational leadership to talk about what's working and not with my role and whether I'm a fit, I began researching negotiation online. Among the countless articles and approaches, I saw "negotiation coach" — exactly what I needed! The price tag was a bit steep, but I knew that this was a critical conversation, my one shot get what I really wanted.

In just one hour, I went from fear to focus. I could define what I wanted, the value I offered, and how what I was asking for could benefit all involved in the decision.

The framework my coach provided for succinctly stating all of this gave me the confidence to own my power and drive the conversation. It was worth the investment to develop this critical skill — one I'll continue using regularly in this role and beyond."

— Aimee T., New York, VP of communications for a mid-sized nonprofit


"accessible and relatable"

"My experience with Ask For It coaching FAR surpassed my expectations. I initially dragged my heels in purchasing the session; it's expensive and in short, I was wary: I didn't know what to expect, and quite honestly, I didn't expect it to be very helpful or worthwhile. I am thrilled to report how wrong I was. I was about to embark on a tough (and emotional) negotiation with former business partners, and Alex skillfully wrapped the principles of negotiation into something accessible and relatable for me and placed everything in the context of my own personal experience.

Alex helped me frame my approach, and even helped me script exact verbiage so I felt thoroughly comfortable walking in the door. We also role-played, which was uncomfortable but also incredibly helpful."

— L.S., New York, entrepreneur

arielle gross.png

Arielle Gross
New York, NY
Global Program Manager, Facebook Creative Shop

Congrats on delivering a terrific keynote at today’s Women@Facebook NY event! You were engaging, inspirational, relatable and provided really actionable information in such a short amount of time! Really appreciate you investing the time and energy to help us build our program. Thank you so much for the partnership.


Samantha G.

I mentioned to Alex that I was paid $18,000 less than my colleagues, but that it must “be okay” because their jobs required technical skills, while mine required “soft skills.” I had convinced myself that I wasn’t worth it — even though I had a masters degree, job experience and was one of the only people at my level in the office supervising others.

Alex became my accountability buddy. I prepared for a meeting with my boss with all of the research and evidence I could find as to why my salary should be higher and presented the facts and my ask.

Alex gave me the push I needed to know my worth, to back it up with evidence, and to persist in making the ask that I had once felt I wasn’t entitled to. I ultimately got a $14,000 raise, but I also gained some much needed self-respect and self-worth, too. 


Belma McCaffrey
Hoboken, NJ
Founder of Work Bigger

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the call and advice. You told me what I needed to hear and encouraged me to take a different approach, and it eased my anxiety immensely. Something big was bothering me and I couldn't put my finger on it until we spoke.

Kate C.
Seattle, WA

I highly recommend working with Alex. From the start, she presented a refreshingly straightforward approach to salary negotiation. Alex helped me break down this very intimidating topic into a logical, step-by-step process, and I felt more and more confident with each step I completed. When I finally walked into my manager's office to present my case, I still felt nervous inside, but I relied on my thorough research to guide me through the conversation. My boss received the information very well and my research helped him advocate for me. Ultimately, I got a raise of almost $20K and an invaluable confidence boost. Thank you, Alex!

Blair D.
New York, NY

Speaking with you helped me focus on putting pen to paper to support what I wanted to do.


Teresa M.
Portland, OR

Thank you so, so much for your help and guidance! Had I not done my research and felt confident that I was pursuing a reasonable course of action, I might have just settled for a 3% raise and felt resentful as a result.


Lauren Curiotto
Lincoln Park, NJ

Founder of Finding The Fabulous

Thank you SO much for taking the time to talk about such an important topic with our girls. So many girls just kept saying that "this" couldn't happen anywhere else. Not at home, at school, or even with their friends do they feel permission to be themselves, that being happy is "cool" and that they are not being judged. Thank you for helping us create that atmosphere. I know how valuable your time is, and I'm humbled that you chose to spend it with us.


I am so thankful for your work with me. I was so much more prepared and comfortable thanks to your help. Thank you so much for your guidance. I learned so much about myself through this negotiation process. It was because of you that I felt so confident going into my first negotiation. The phone call where I countered the offer didn't go as I had expected, but it was a HUGE and extremely important learning experience, and I know I will be even more prepared in my next negotiation because of that conversation.


Diana Matthews
Brooklyn, NY

It was so amazing to work with you. You helped me identify that the discomfort I was experiencing was not because of the prices for our screenings but because of my fear of negotiation. It's a major realization so I thank you for helping me put a name to it. You've empowered all three of us to re-evaluate our pricing tiers and make them a reflection of our hopes and dreams, not our fears or insecurities. 

Copy of samantha.png

Dicla Veliz
Marketing director for a large, multinational pharmaceutical company

When I was selected as a finalist candidate for an important position in marketing oncology, I panicked. English is not my native language, and a full day of job interviews is a big challenge for me. Moreover, I only had a few days to prepare.

Due to the high level of specialization of the pharmaceutical industry, I was not sure that an online coach could help me. However, it was my dream job, and I decided to seek help.

I sent Alex the job description and all the information I had researched about that position. In 75 minutes of behavioral interview practice, my communication improved significantly. In a simple way, Alex helped me to develop effective answers for my job interview.

I really appreciate the positive feedback that Alex gave me, because it helped me to have more confidence in myself. That is why I decided to schedule a second session with her the following day, where I practiced even more.

Today I have my dream job. The difference between wanting a job and being ready to get a job is preparation. I couldn't have done it without Alex.



Alex shares strategies to help people to prepare for successful negotiations in a way that enables them to come armed to the table with proven tactics and to speak with confidence. As someone with deep experience in negotiating contracts, I learned some negotiation strategies from Alex that I had never used. In my most recent negotiation, I used one of her tips during the discussion and was able to end the negotiation with $11,000 more than what was initially put forth. The skills she teaches are invaluable; whether you are a novice negotiator or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from her coaching when preparing to negotiate a deal.

jess matley.png

Jess Matley
New York, NY
Chapter Operations and Events Manager, Ellevate Network

Alexandra hosted our Ellevate workshop on negotiations and it was one of the best we’ve had!

Alex delivered real insights and ah-ha moments in a fun, engaging and extremely tangible way. She projected warmth and humor whilst drilling home an abundance of key points and vital information that every woman should know.

After hearing her insights, I believe everyone left feeling equipped and confident to start negotiating in some way, shape or form.


Tiffany J. Davis
Brooklyn, NY
Co-founder of Context & Co.

I really appreciate your expertise and encouragement, and feel much better with it in my toolkit!

B. E.
New York, NY

Working with Alex was a pleasure. She helped me identify what I wanted — and then how to ask for it! Working with her felt like making a commitment to myself: to ask for a raise, even when it was scary. I was terrified of the conversation with my manager, but at the end of the day, I'm making 29% more than I was before.

Danielle R.
Plainview, NY

I got the 18% raise!!!!! Thank you, Alex!!!! I never would had had the nerve or the skill set to ask and follow through. Yay!!!!!!


Luyba Z.
New York, NY

Thank you again for inspiring me. I am so grateful that I heard your message. Now I try to give back as much as possible to my peers and consultants who are a bit younger than I am. I am open about my compensation and the strategy I used to ask for more. I hope I can pass on the good karma :)


Sierra Barter
Providence, RI
Founder of The Lady Project

The workshop was so valuable, especially for us as women. We left feeling inspired and empowered.


Bryan Miller
New York, NY
Finance Director, BBMG

I imagine working with a maestro would leave you with the same feeling as working with Alex.

She elegantly orchestrated a four-hour presentation that broke down the emotional barriers surrounding negotiation and unleashed our team’s confidence to lead with empathy without sacrificing our needs.

It’s amazing to see how quickly we incorporated our learnings into our everyday speech and practice. I highly recommend bringing Alex’s jovial spirit and unwavering professionalism onto your team for the day!


Cheryl C.
New York, NY

I came across Alex at a networking event in New York where she delivered an effective presentation encouraging a room of 100+ female professionals on career development and salary negotiation. I was really impressed by Alex's expertise; when it was time for me to negotiate salary for my new job, I reached out to Alex without hesitations.

Alex's approach was methodical and our conversation was focused yet organic. Using Alex's strategy and workbook that we prepared together, I was able to secure a very decent offer at a global financial services/rating agency in New York City, meeting my salary target and positioning myself for career advancement in the data analytics and auditing field.


Andrew Stern
New York, NY
Director of Special Programs, The Wharton Alumni Club of NY

Alex brings a well-researched, fresh perspective to the art of negotiation. She complemented her presentation of the latest thinking with actionable strategies and practices that left each of our session's attendees empowered to take on their next negotiation at home, work, or elsewhere. I applaud her efforts to help narrow the gender pay gap, and know that her session meaningfully contributes to overcoming this social injustice. Alex is the real deal! 


Evan S.
New York, NY

Alex is super professional and gives off comforting vibes. She creates a comfortable setting. Our conversation felt natural, yet she asked pointed questions.


Kait Scalisi
New York, NY
Founder of Passion By Kait

Thanks so much, Alex!!!! I loved your training and thought it was so eye-opening. Hands down best negotiation workshop ever! Thanks to the workshop and our subsequent 1:1 session, I successfully negotiated my highest paid public speaking gigs to date, at more than double my previous rank!


Erin Bagwell
Brooklyn, NY
Founder of Dream, Girl Film

Today we chatted with negotiation powerhouse Alexandra Dickinson from Ask For It about all things financial worth: recognizing our value, learning negotiation tips, and pricing ourselves competitively in a male dominated market. If you are a human who needs help communicating and talking about money this 1 on 1 Skype workshop is for you!


Stephanie Huston
New York, NY
Past President, United Women in Business Foundation

Thank you so much for such an incredible event! I personally loved your presentation and took so many great actionable takeaways from it, and heard such wonderful feedback from our members.


Jessica W.
Tallahassee, FL

I translated my strong performance evaluation into a raise.