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Contributing Writer For Women@Forbes

Alexandra is a contributing writer for Women@Forbes. She focuses on how to use a negotiation mindset to achieve your goals.

Use This 3-Step Strategy To Ask For Anything You Want—And Get It

Negotiation can sound like a daunting task. But with a few tips, you can be so much better at asking for — and getting — anything you want. Alexandra shares her 3-step strategy to negotiate like a pro. 


Going Freelance? Here’s How To Not Freak Out 

The most essential part of freelancing? Getting good at getting paid. Naming the price of your work is a worthy skill for any career, but if you’re self-employed, it’s paramount that you master it. 


With ‘The Big Life,’ Millennial Women Get a New Guide

Alexandra and four other women joined Ann for one of her signature Badass Babe dinners in her home to talk about ambition and emotions in every aspect of work and life.


Time's Up On Behavior-Based Negotiation Advice For Women

Alexandra was interviewed on CBC Radio's Information Morning, Nova Scotia’s number one morning radio talk show, to discuss new negotiation strategies for women.