Kind words from clients


shannon, operations executive

Shannon, Operations Executive

Alex shares strategies to help people to prepare for successful negotiations in a way that enables them to come armed to the table with proven tactics and to speak with confidence.  As someone with deep experience in negotiating contracts, I learned some negotiation strategies from Alex that I had never used.  In my most recent negotiation, I used one of her tips during the discussion and was able to end the negotiation with $11,000 more than what was initially put forth.  The skills she teaches are invaluable; whether you are a novice negotiator or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from her coaching when preparing to negotiate a deal.


Andrew stern, director of special programs | the wharton alumni club of New York

Alex and Missy bring a well-researched, fresh perspective to the art of negotiation. They complemented their presentation of the latest thinking with actionable strategies and practices that left each of our session's attendees empowered to take on their next negotiation at home, work, or elsewhere. I applaud their efforts to help narrow the gender pay gap, and know that their session meaningfully contributes to overcoming this social injustice. Alex and Missy are the real deal! 


Diana Matthews, Executive Assistant & Tour Director | Dream, Girl

It was so amazing to talk with you. You helped me identify that the discomfort I was experiencing was not because of the prices for our screenings but because of my fear of negotiation. It's a major realization so I thank you for helping me put a name to it. You've empowered all three of us to re-evaluate our pricing tiers and make them a reflection of our hopes and dreams, not our fears or insecurities. 


Erin Bagwell, Producer & Founder | Dream, Girl

Today we chatted with negotiation powerhouse Alexandra Dickinson from Ask For It about all things financial worth: recognizing our value, learning negotiation tips, and pricing ourselves competitively in a male dominated market. If you are a human who needs help communicating and talking about money this 1 on 1 skype workshop is for you!