negotiation consulting for individuals

For many people, simply hearing the word "negotiation" puts them on edge. It might make you think of aggressive wheeling and dealing or stressful haggling. The good news is it doesn't have to be this way! Negotiating is about setting yourself up for success through creative problem solving that goes beyond winning or losing. We specialize in working to close the gender wage gap.

In a survey of Ask For It clients, the average salary increase was around $7,000. Some earned up to and beyond an additional $15,000+. Let's work together to get you the increase you deserve.


emergency help

$68  |  20 mins

Are you freaking out about a negotiation you're not prepared for?

Need a last-minute pep talk?

Want confirmation that your strategy is sound?

Consider this your SOS. Yup, we're available mornings, nights and weekends.


personalized strategy

$205  |  60 mins

Set and validate your goals by doing the right research that goes beyond salary websites.

Learn how to answer tricky questions about what you made before or what you'd like to make.

Get a proven framework to make your ask.

Includes a personalized workbook tailored for your situation.


personalized strategy deluxe

$262  |  90 mins

Includes everything from the personalized strategy session, plus role-playing practice.

Build confidence responding to tough questions and making your ask. We'll practice until you've got it down cold.


I got a raise that exceeded all my expectations.
— Luyba
I got an even larger raise than I asked for, plus a bigger title.
— Teresa
I translated my strong performance evaluation into a raise.
— Jessica

facts about the gender wage gap


What the wage gap costs a full time working woman over the course of her career


The extra years a woman needs to work to achieve income equality with a male counterpart


The average annual difference in Social Security income for women and men, since benefits are determined by wage history


The additional years a woman's savings must stretch in retirement based on average life expectancy

Source: National Women's Law Center

Negotiating doesn't have to be scary

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