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Live Webinar: How to Negotiate More Than Just Your Salary

Would you like: 
- more vacation time? (TBH, who wouldn’t want more vacation time?) 
- a title change? 
- to transition teams? 
- to work on a new project?

Good news: you’re in luck! These requests are all items you can negotiate for in the workplace.

Negotiation is an opportunity to get what you want and deserve from your work, extending beyond just your salary. Whether you have a job offer, an upcoming performance review, or would like to be prepared for your next negotiation (always a good idea!), now's your chance to learn how to prepare to make the ask, how to engage in the conversation, and how to ultimately get what you want.

Join Levo and Ask For It on on Wednesday, 2/24 from 2:30-3:30pm EST, for a live webinar to discuss all the potential things you can negotiate in your job. Your host: negotiation coach and co-founder of Ask For It, Alexandra Dickinson.

You’ll leave this webinar ready to ask for what you want at work!