Is it standard to negotiate the salary on a promotion?

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Is it standard to negotiate the salary on a promotion?

— Abby
New York, NY

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Abby —

Congratulations: you got a promotion! Finally, someone recognized how hard you’ve been working and wants to formally recognize your contributions. This is awesome!

Just as you’re about to celebrate your shiny new title, it occurs to you: no one said anything about a raise.

You’re realizing that you’ve got even more responsibility on your plate, but it doesn’t sound like your paycheck is going to be adjusted to match. Now what? Is this negotiable?

Yes. Everything is negotiable. And in the spirit of taking bold action to advance your career goals in 2018, I would say it is imperative that you ask for a raise.

Read on to find out exactly why and how to do it

Best of luck to you, Abby!

— Alexandra Dickinson
CEO + founder

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Alexandra Dickinson

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