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For many women, pregnancy and childbirth are a big part of working life—but for first time mothers, the process of announcing a pregnancy at work can feel confusing, opaque, and downright awkward. What’s quote-unquote “normal”? Announcing as early as possible? As late as possible? Ignoring your pregnancy at work as much as possible, or celebrating it? We decided to ask women in our network—as well as an expert—for their take. Read on to hear their stories and advice on “delivering” (pun intended) the news. 


Alexandra Dickinson

Alexandra Dickinson is the CEO and founder of Ask For It, a boutique consulting company working to close the gender wage gap by effecting change at both the institutional and individual level. We work with companies, schools, organizations and individuals through a combination of trainings, workshops and consulting. Our goal is for women and men to be paid based on their talents and skills, regardless of gender, and for our company to have been an important part of that change.