Featured in Career Contessa: Women Who Lead


79 cents. Chances are that number sounds familiar to you. For working women, there are few things more frustrating than the very real existence of the wage gap and the fact that, on average, women make 79 cents to a man's dollar is a constant reminder that we still have much to fight for. Alex Dickinson is a woman at the forefront of that fight.

As the founder and CEO of Ask For It, Dickinson has made it her life's mission to help women build confidence, speak up regularly and often, and fight for what they want and deserve. Whether that's landing a raise or negotiating an initial offer for a new position, Alex's one-on-one coaching and training sessions help them get there. Today, we're turning the tables to talk to her about her own work and how she embodies that "ask now, not later" philosophy on a daily basis, building her own career with conviction and daring.