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I’m a negotiation consultant who works primarily with women, so to me this is pretty exciting stuff. Robin Wright found that her character was as popular as Kevin Spacey’s, and she struck while the iron was hot. If Wright was a man, this wouldn’t even be a story. Compare this to a recent Secret deodorant ad called Stress Test: Raise where a young woman prepares to negotiate for a raise by talking to herself in front of the bathroom mirror. She’s practically pleading. It’s cute when a young woman is nervous - but when an older woman recognizes her leverage uses it, she’s basically a calculating bitch. We see opposite ends of the spectrum in media - pleading vs. demanding - because it’s a sexier spin. There is a middle way, and it may not be headline-worthy, but it’s effective. You have to do the right research, understand your counterpart, and be smart about the way you ask for it. Yes, it can feel awkward to talk about money, but it’s essential. Embrace the awkward. How much are you willing to pay over the course of your lifetime to avoid having an awkward conversation? If you can approach a negotiation with a creative problem solving outlook, you’re more than halfway there. Once you realize you’re working together rather than against each other, the awkwardness dissipates.

Alexandra Dickinson

Alexandra Dickinson is the CEO and founder of Ask For It, a boutique consulting company working to close the gender wage gap by effecting change at both the institutional and individual level. We work with companies, schools, organizations and individuals through a combination of trainings, workshops and consulting. Our goal is for women and men to be paid based on their talents and skills, regardless of gender, and for our company to have been an important part of that change.