I’m often asked how and why I decided to start my company. Though I did have a lightning bolt moment one night, it wasn't exactly a straight line from idea to business. And if you know me, you know I LOVE to draw straight lines to my goals so I can achieve them as quickly as possible and then move on to the next thing.

Any negotiator worth her salt knows how important it is to have alternatives. Ask For It was my alternative. What do I mean? I’ll give it to you straight: I got laid off from my previous job. It could happen to anyone, and it happened to me. Over-achieving, hyper-efficient, goal-oriented ME. (You too? Sing it, sister. Or mister.)

Right about now, you might be thinking to yourself, “it sounds like getting laid off was a blessing in disguise because now you’re running your own company.” While it’s true that I am now immeasurably more satisfied with my life and work, I don’t go in for that sort of thinking. And if you go through my training, neither will you.

Good alternatives don’t just jump at you out of thin air: you’ve got to work for them. Achieving your goals doesn't happen by chance, it happens when you decide you're going to make it happen.

So wherever you are in your career - just starting out, looking for that next big promotion (and raise!), switching gears, or you’re at a crossroads like I was - I invite you to dive in with me. You don’t need anyone’s permission to advocate for yourself and get what you want. You need a solid strategy, self-confidence and a cheering squad to hold you accountable.

I’ve got all that and more for you, and I want you to #askforit.

- Alex Dickinson, CEO + Founder


*Photo by Jen Brister